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Out Tomorrow!!

Available THIS WEEK:

Blade of Kumori #4 - Master & Apprentice vol. II #2

Dark Stalkers #4 - Shades of Blue vol.1

Blade of Kumori #4 Synopsis:
In the space of a few short months, everything in her life has been called into question. She’s defied the will of her family. She’s traveled to distant lands and has come to suspect that she is more than human—and that her father knows more about this than he’s told her. Now, Kumori faces a crisis that could change her life forever—or force her to kill the man she may love…

Master & Apprentice vol. II #2 Synopsis:
The fist series was a surprise hit—and the follow up will have an even bigger impact on the G.I. Joe mythos!

The man called Storm Shadow, seeking to leave Cobra behind him, has taken on an apprentice and begun a new life in Hong Kong. But Junko Akita and Tommy Arashikage have pasts that refuse to die—and may prove to destroy everything they’ve fought for. Now, she’s disappeared—and Storm Shadow must rely upon Jinx and Budo to help track her down. Meanwhile, in Tibet, a shadow falls upon the Red Ninja clan…

Dark Stalkers #4 Synopsis:
DARKSTALKERS, the ongoing comic based on CAPCOM's classic series, continues this month with the tale of the Gerdenheim Monster: VICTOR. After years of failed experiments conducted in the bowels of his
towering dark castle, Professor Gerdenheim was finally successful in discovering the secrets of life, death… and reanimation. Fashioning a creature by integrating and enhancing body parts from countless
corpses, Prof. Gerdenheim created VICTOR. He was overjoyed at the sight of his newly born creation, but many villagers accused the scientist of being mad to allow such an 'abomination' to walk the Earth. In this story featuring guest artist JOE (Sentinel, Thundercats) VRIENS and ALVIN (Street Fighter, Agent X) LEE, VICTOR is mistakenly blamed for a murder and is hunted down by the very people he tries to protect.

PLUS! A backup story featuring the adventures of the spunky fan-favorite cat-woman herself—FELICIA!

Shades of Blue vol.1 Synopsis:
The critically acclaimed series returns in a new collection by DDP! High-schooler Heidi Paige has the usual teenage problems: homework, boys and, of course, mysterious superpowers! After scouring through her dirty laundry to put together a costume, Heidi is ready to protect her school from the perils of supervillains, pop quizzes and substitute teachers. If only her powers could protect her from Marcus, her geeky neighbor and wannabe sidekick.

Special Notes:
This Devil’s Due TPB collects the following: Shades of Blue Vol. 1 #s 1-5, and 8 brand new pages revealing the origin of Heidi’s powers!
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