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Master & Apprentice vol.II #4 - Final Issue
Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Artist: Chris Stevens & Udon
Cover A: Udon
Cover B: Stefano Caselli & Sunder Raj
Format: 32 pages color comic.
Guest-Starring Snake-Eyes! Breaking away from Cobra once and for all has caused Storm Shadow to have his entire life torn apart. His friends have been captured and tortured. He’s crossed thousands of miles in search of his lost apprentice, Junko Akita. But now the worst moment has come – when he must choose to kill or be killed…by Junko! His decision will change his life forever!

DARKSTALKERS #6 - Final Issue
Writer: Ken Siu-Chong
Artists: Alvin Lee & Skottie Young with UDON
(A): Alvin Lee
(B); Skottie Young
(C); ARN
Format: 32 pages color comic.
DARKSTALKERS, the ongoing comic based on CAPCOM's classic series, continues this month featuring the team behind the art of the latest hit PS2 and X-Box fighting game, CAPCOM FIGHTING VOLUTION! Through the centuries, MORRIGAN as used her seductive powers to entice her prey to the blissful doom of her embrace. However, as she travels to Romania to confront DEMITRI, she reminisces about a time when she played with her food for a little too long. Meanwhile, panic begins to strike the world as the threat of Pyron looms ever closer.
PLUS! A backup story featuring the cute, but murderously insane, B. B. HOOD, gruesomely illustrated by Skottie (VENOM, HUMAN TORCH) Young!

Mega City 909 #7
Writers: Jacob lee, Andrew Dabb
Art: Kano Kang, Zack Suh
Cover (A): Kano Kang & Zack Suh
Cover (B): Juno Jung
Format: 32 pages color comic.
The Concept:
In the wake of a bloody, planet-wide war, mankind stood united and completely at peace for the first time in history. Then the Pulses came. Sentient psychic parasites that rampaged across the globe, turning those they possessed into monsters. No one knew if they had just appeared, or if they'd been around forever, but one thing is certain; they have to be stopped. That job falls to an elite team of soldiers known as PHOBIA.
This Issue
Kusanagi’s minions pour into the city, slaughtering all who stand in their way, and while Taep, Baenshe and Vasrio do their best to fight back the horde, there are just too many of them. Meanwhile, Jaeminae and Dr. Jerome search frantically for a way to stop Kusanagi once and for all, but with little luck. Armageddon has arrived—the world is ending—and there’s nothing PHOBIA can do about it.

Writer: Brandon Jerwa
Artist: Tim Seeley and Emiliano Santalucia
Cover by Tim Seeley
Format: 48 pages color comic.
Special Double-Sized Issue!!!
Rise of the Red Shadows – the Conclusion! This is it – the End of G.I. Joe as you know it! The enigmatic Red Shadows have thrown the world into a state of utter chaos and violence. Who will pay the ultimate price? And will a rag-tag group of Joes be enough to prevent the Red Shadows’ horrific vision from coming to pass? Leads directly into the biggest G.I. Joe event ever!

Arashikage Showdown
Writer: Josh Blaylock
Artist: Tony Tamai + Chris Lee
Cover: Tony Tamai
Rating: TEEN READER 12 +
Format: 128 pages. B&W OGN DIGEST.
ISBN 1-932796-21-5
Once again Devil’s Due blazes a new trail—this time into the manga market! Written to be accessible to new readers, but enjoyable for die-hard fans. “ Arashikage Showdown” is a black and white graphic novel for all ages!

The Arashikage Ninja Clan is the tie that binds Snake-Eyes, Jinx, and Storm Shadow. They are the last of a once-powerful Clan—and now, someone is out to steal one of the last objects of their heritage. A relic of great power, the Jewel of the Sun Goddess had been guarded by the Arashikage for centuries. Now, the mysterious gem could give the ultimate power to the forces of evil—and in doing so, destroy the last remnants of the Clan.
It’s 125 pages of wall-to-wall Ninja action!

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Aadi Salaman
Cover: Tim Seeley
Format: 48 pages color comic ONE SHOT
She’s taken on deranged lunch ladies, crazed catholic schoolgirls, and even homicidal comic book fans! But now Cassie faces the most deadly, powerful, metal-loving killer of all – the legendary Evil Ernie! But how can Cassie and Vlad defeat a killer who can raise the dead and unleash arcane energies? Especially when that killer decides Cassie’s his kind of girl?
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