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Devil's Due Publishing

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Devil's Due Publishing was formed in 1999 as both a commercial art studio, and a small press comic book publisher. Since then, the company has grown to one of the largest and most talked about comic book studios in the industry, and is making a new foray into mainstream publishing in 2004. Not bad for a company who's name was originally concocted for an edgy line of rock and roll streetwear.

For DDP founder, Joshua Blaylock, comic books were a childhood passion, and succeeding in their field was the goal his education and life revolved around, and still does to this day. After a period of time gaining experience in the licensing world for brands such as Disney and Warner Bros., and then designing clothing lines alternative nationwide boutiques like Hot Topic, Blaylock combined his licensing and comic book knowledge to form the Devil's Due that readers know today.

DDP, as readers quickly began to call the company, had its first breakout success in the comic book field in 2001 with the revamp of G.I.JOE, returning the long lost 1980's versions of the popular characters to comics in a partnership with Image Comics. Fans spoke with their pocketbooks, and the comic was a huge hit, selling over 100,000 copies and topping the charts. A wave of 80's "Nostalgia" books soon followed from other companies, but DDP remained a leader in the trend.

Devil's Due soon after acquired fan favorite properties Voltron and Micronauts to bring to the comic book stage, and quickly ramped up with new characters from the mind of Josh Blaylock and other DDP talent.  MISPLACED and KORE debuted in 2003, as well as more avant guard projects like AtomShockwave's RADISKULL and DEVIL DOLL and Tim Seeley's LOVEBUNNY and MR. HELL.

In 2004, DDP flies solo from Image Comics, coming full circle, once again publishing comics independently, although on a much larger scale than before. In late 2003 the "Due" signed on Dabel Brothers Pro, famous for their ENORMOUS collective of comic adaptations from best selling authors like George RR Martin and Robert Jordan and properties like DRAGON LANCE. The well known UDON soon joined, bringing their Street Fighter comic book and memorabilia under DDP's umbrella.

DDP is represented in hollywood by Energy Entertainment, and is currently prepping materials and new comic books to be shopped to hollywood, as they are launched in the coming year.

Josh Blaylock is also in discussions with some of its licensors about assisting with the production of new animated series based on their properties, and strengthening relationships with both video game and toy manufacturers as DDP prepares to launch a new line of comic books in late 2004.

2004 looks to be a roller coaster ride, and we hope you join us. We recommend sitting in the front seat.