demoltionkittn (demoltionkittn) wrote in devils_due,


Hey everybody! We're forming an Aftermath Street Team to help promote the coolest new comic books hitting the stands!

Members will be expected to do things like downloading, printing out + distributing flyers to your local comic books shop, posting banner links on websites, and otherwise helping to promote the line. These tasks will earn you points towards cool Aftermath stuff and give you bragging rights for being a part of the action. Memebers will also be kept up to date with a newsletter and access to a private section on our forum.

Anyone can join that wants to help promote the Aftermath line, but you must sign up before you can begin collecting points.

Shortly we'll flesh this section out and provide more info on what's happening ... in the meantime you can get the ball rolling by shooting an email to, asking to be notified when we go live.

take care!
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