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DEVIL’S DUE TITLES SELL OUT - Second printings on tap for G.I. Joe and Blade of Kumori

Devil’s Due Publishing (DDP) is pleased to announce that several issues of its popular comic books have sold out, continuing a trend of strong sell-through by the G.I. Joe and Aftermath lines. G.I. JOE #37, G.I. JOE RELOADED #10 and BLADE OF KUMORI #2 each sold out their print runs last week. A second printing of each title will be offered by DDP, each featuring a new cover.
BLADE OF KUMORI #2, written by Ron Marz, continues the tale of present-day samurai carrying on their honor-bound traditions in the modern world. The protagonist, the young female samurai Kumori, is asked to kill a man for the first time in this issue, furthering her self-discovery that she is something more than a warrior—perhaps even something more than human.
In chapter two of "Union of the Snake" featured in G.I. JOE #37, creators Brandon Jerwa and Tim Seeley introduce a major new character to the G.I. Joe mythos, General Philip Rey. This storyline will end explosively, with major repercussions that will be felt by both the Joes and Cobra, and will ultimately lead into an even larger storyline. G.I. JOE RELOADED #10 is the first issue written by new series writer, Chuck Dixon.
"These titles represent the success of two different sides of Devil’s Due," said Josh Blaylock, President of DDP. "On one side, you have the continuing success of our licensed properties, G.I. Joe being our biggest and baddest example. On the other side you have our newly created superhero line, Aftermath, picking up new fans everywhere. And with such talented writers as Ron Marz, Marv Wolfman, Chuck Dixon and Joe Casey, it’s no wonder this line is growing so much."
Devil's Due. Reminding people that pop culture IS our culture.
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