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New Comics This Week!!

DEFEX #4 - Master & Apprentice vol.II #1 - INFANTRY #3

Defex #4 - They’ve been captured—now, the Defex find themselves the subjects of an experiment that could replicate their abilities in others—and kill them! Even worse, the mole that aided in their capture is revealed. The full extent of the forces that have manipulated them from the begining start to become apparent—and the truth is more heart-wrenching than they could have imagined…

M&A vol.II #1 - Tommy Arashikage has led a life twisted by tragedy and consumed by darkness. For too long, the man called Storm Shadow has been a puppet of Cobra and its manipulative leader. But he has retained his honor—and now, he is determined to shatter the bonds that hold him to the terrorist group.
For months, in secret, Storm Shadow has been training an Apprentice—someone who will, like Snake-Eyes’ Kamakura, carry on the Arashikage teachings—an ally who will help him take the fight to Cobra. But there is more to this female apprentice than meets the eye—and the sins of both their pasts may be too much to overcome.

Infantry #3 - Charlie Alexander is just a normal, workaday insurance investigator—who has stumbled onto an incredible mystery. After coming face to face with the man called Infantry, Charlie is more determined than ever to find out who he is. But what possible answers could be held by an elderly man in a remote part of Wyoming? And while Charlie edges ever closer to understanding, Infantry himself is hunted by the unstable “Slither”…

Streetfighter #13 - Penguin Bros. Digest - Patrick the Wolf Boy vol.I Digest

Streetfighter #13 - BISON is alive and well, and in this issue, his shadowy origin is finally revealed! What is the secret behind the destructive PSYCHO POWER that the sadistic Shadaloo dictator wields, and how is the
mysterious fortune-teller, ROSE, involved? All will be revealed in this can't-miss issue!
Meanwhile, RYU must again say good-bye to KEN and ELIZA as he picks up where he left off on his training journey, as well as make a difficult decision concerning SAKURA…

Penguin Bros. - For the first time in almost a decade, the PENGUIN BROS. return. Three teenage penguins living in Chill City, Antarctica are the ones chosen to become their city's heroes, and granted Super Powers. There's only one problem - they'd rather go to concerts, hang with girlfriends, and play video games. Self-published by Josh Blaylock in the mid nineties, "PB" was a small press success across conventions nationwide, but never received main-stream exposure. Includes issues 1-3, the never-before-printed issue 4, and an all new 8 page story and cover by Josh Blaylock. It's sleigh cars, super powers and homework in the Penguin Bros. TPB.

Patrick the Wolf Boy - Patrick the Wolf Boy is back and coming your way! Join us for this Classic event as we bring you Patrick the Wolf Boy DDP style! Representing The first of some of Patrick's classic tales such as Patrick the Wolf Boy #1, The Christmas Special, Valentine's Special, Mother's Day Special, Summer Special...and 25 pages of brand new Wolf Boy Comics! Brought to you by Art Baltazar (Gorilla Gorilla-Disney, Grimm Reaper) and Franco Aureliani (Weirdsville, I Dream Of Jeannie)! Join us for the fun! You'd be glad you did. Patrick the Wolf Boy, misunderstood by many, but loved by his parents.
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